Allie's Broken Leg

Success Stories

Allieas told by her human, Deb Shayer

Allie's leg broke after she fell backwards off of a couch while playing with her sister, Riley, on August 21, 2009. I was devastated by the complete break of her radius and ulna, which left her leg dangling in a horrifying way. After she had a plate inserted by an orthopedic surgeon, I began to wonder what I could do to ensure a complete recovery for her.

Fortunately, a neighbor had dealt with Dr. Corey at Healing Paws and I was given a glowing recommendation. I contacted Dr. Corey and he assessed Allie as soon as she was out of her surgical bandages.  I cannot say enough about the positive experiences that Allie and I had throughout her treatment at Healing Paws.

Allie in the hydro treadmill

Dr. Corey and his staff involved me in every aspect of Allie's therapy in accordance with my wishes. We visited Healing Paws weekly for just over 2 months for Allie's walks on the underwater treadmill, laser therapy, massage, and other exercises.

Everyone at Healing Paws was knowledgeable and friendly and they provided me with at-home exercises as well as providing direct therapy.  I was very comfortable with Allie's care under the direction of Dr. Corey because he is a veterinarian as well as a physical therapist. I brought information from Allie's veterinarians to Dr. Corey and he used this information to guide his treatment.  

When Allie had an x-ray 8 weeks post-surgery, the bone had not yet fused as well as my veterinarian had expected and I was very disheartened. I appreciated that Dr. Corey was quick to communicate with my veterinarian about this and he used the information to further guide Allie's therapy. He also did some additional research about augmentative therapies that might facilitate bone growth and he mentioned the option of trying electromagnetic therapy at home. At my request, Dr. Corey linked me with a company that provided rentals of electromagnetic therapy beds for dogs and we began using the bed in addition to Allie's other therapy. A month later, Allie's bones were almost completely fused.

Allie after her treatments

One of my main purposes for bringing Allie to Healing Paws was to strengthen her leg muscles during recovery so that she would be ready to run and jump on the leg without further injury after the bones had healed. Dr. Corey released Allie from his treatment near the beginning of December, 2009 and he suggested further at-home exercises. Dr. Corey assured me that by Christmas, Allie would be ready to run and jump normally again.

Thanks to Dr. Corey and his wonderful staff, Allie had a nice, strong leg to run and jump on as a Christmas gift!  Not long after Allie finished her therapy, I found out that with explicit documentation, my pet insurance might cover some of the expenses I incurred at Healing Paws. I called Dr. Corey and he compiled a comprehensive report for me to submit to my insurance carrier. I was pleased to find that some of the expenses were reimbursed.