Ellie's Paralyzing Back Injury

Success Stories

as told by her human, Cheryl Ferreira and family

I can't say enough about Healing Paws and the staff but I can tell you the story of how they helped my family and our Miniature Daschund, Ellie.  Ellie hurt her back, as she has done a few times before, but this time I noticed that she seemed to be weak in her hind quarters. I brought her to the ER to be examined by the emergency vets and they decided to keep her overnight for pain management to closely monitor and confine her. She took a turn for the worse and ended up having to have emergency back surgery (Sunday).

She was completely paralyzed in the hind quarters and with only deep pain response going into the surgery, we hoped for the best. I met Dr. Jeff on Tuesday when visiting Ellie after surgery. He spoke to me about what they offer at Healing Paws and how they thought they could help her in her recovery and help promote her healing. He spoke about acupuncture, massage, ROM (range of motion exercises), laser treatments, water treadmill, along with other exercises.

I believe it was about a week or so after surgery that we started going twice a week for laser treatments, massage, & ROM. I wasn't too sure how Ellie was going to respond to this but it was worth trying. She did great!

The staff, Dr. Jeff and Emily, was absolutely wonderful. I can't say enough about how they treated Ellie and my family. They were gentle, kind, caring and loving in their handling of her during her treatments. We even did a couple of acupuncture treatments which were interesting. But within a week or two she was standing with assistance and even able to move around with assistance.

The rate of her recovery was amazing. As she progressed in her healing she started using the water treadmill, in order to help build her muscles and stamina without putting too much stress on her healing back. I truly believe it was because of the treatments she received at Healing Paws and the activities and exercises they taught us to do with her at home that she has recovered almost to 90%. I continue to do some of the exercises with her when outside to keep her back limber and strong.

I have recommended Healing Paws to many people when I hear them talking about issues with their dogs. I have returned once for a "tune up" and will always have their number on me for just in case. Ellie is not one to stay still and loves to play outside and we will always have to be careful in her level of activity but thanks to Healing Paws she is able to have a high quality of life and we do love spending time with our "Ellie".

Thank You Dr. Jeff and Emily!