Haley Wigglebottoms' Torn ACL

Success Stories

as told by her human, Martin White


Her name is Haley, aka "Haley Wigglebottoms," the ambassador of happiness. Anyone who has ever met Haley knows the love she gives to you with her looks, her wiggle, and her circle dance at your legs to get your attention and affection from you. Haley is now a retired therapy dog serving 4 years helping people feel loved and better at hospitals, nursing homes, and even at correctional facilities. As a team we recorded over 2700 visits in four years, plus Haley was also part of a R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dog) team, where children read to the dogs 15 minutes a week at schools and libraries to improve their reading skills.  In 2010, Haley got hurt...

Now she is not a complainer, you just have to know your dog to recognize a problem. She was limping without making sounds of pain, wanting to please me and everyone. We live in Westerly, RI, and I took her to our local vet at Westerly Animal Hospital. A new and pleasing associate vet, Dr. Patricia Ross, determined that Haley had torn her right rear leg ACL and had knee damage as well, and referred us up to Ocean State Veterinary Specialists in East Greenwich, where Dr. George Coronado would perform her surgery. Haley was there for a few days of care, and she left walking out on 3 of 4 of her legs.  It was heartbreaking for me to see her in this condition. Two weeks later she would have her staples taken out of her leg, and Dr. Coronado recommended taking her to physical therapy to help her healing process. If you could have seen my face when he said that to me, let's just say, it was priceless!

So I go back to Westerly Animal Hospital and speak to the founding owner and the most loving pet vet, Dr. Michael Conway, and tell him what I was told.  I have tremendous trust and faith in Dr. Conway who recommended bringing Haley to Healing Paws in Providence for physical therapy. Once I had mentioned the name to Dr. Conway, he assured me that I could not be in better care for Haley's recovery than with Dr. Jeff Corey.

When I spoke with Dr. Corey to make the appointment, he had me bring Haley up on a Sunday afternoon. I repeated it so many times, "Sunday afternoon" a first time patient on a Sunday? "You're working on a Sunday?" I had already painted a picture in my head of some strange place and weird set-up. When I got there, that image was completely wiped out. I pulled up front, carried Haley to the door, and walked into a very well cared-for, comfortable and relaxing lobby, like it was someone's home, a "WOW" affect!

Dr. Corey greeted me like we had known each other for years, and treated Haley like she was his dog. The nervous tension that I had built up was gone now. Dr. Corey explained everything that would be done step by step for Haley's recovery. We had gone into a private therapy room, a comfortable doggy bed waiting for Haley to relax and lay down on. Dr. Corey gave me a set of special glasses to wear as he would use a laser on her leg and wound area, I shielded Haley's eyes with my hand as she lay on her side, it took only a few minutes of time, then we did heat and massage therapy.

There were two more parts of physical therapy that would take place in another room, like a physical therapy gymnasium for animals.  But what was amazing to me was when Haley got off the bed, she was standing on all four legs.  WOW! Not quite walking yet, but what a difference! Dr. Corey put on a pair of waders, and took Haley into a clear tank, which fills with 90 degree water to warm the muscles, and on the inside of the tank is a treadmill which the dogs walk on against water resistance. I watched Haley walk again, I was so amazed at what I was seeing, I quickly took out my phone and took a video.  I have shown it so many times I've worn out the play button. Haley walked out of the tank. She walked out, got toweled down dry, it was awe-inspiring. I could not wait to tell Dr. Conway back in Westerly.

Now I don't know where or how Dr. Corey found his two wonderful staff members, Emily and Alison but they make you feel like family in no time, and care for your pet, truly giving great caring support.