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Our Services

At Healing Paws, we are committed to improving your pet's health and quality of life using these specialized rehabilitative therapies.... 



Acupuncture provides pain relief as well as a general sense of wellness, and promotes healing through neuromodulation. The main indications for acupuncture in the rehabilitation setting are arthritis, recovery from neurologic injury, and post-op from a neurological or orthopedic procedure. Conditions and injuries that can benefit from acupuncture treatment include: degenerative joint disease (underlying arthritis), underlying neurolgoical problems such as following disc surgery or hindlimb weakness and, to a lesser extent, GI and skin issues.




The buoyancy of warm water and the movement of the treadmill combine to reduce the impact on painful joints and help increase the patient's mobility.  Some examples of how hydro-treadmill therapy may be used are after orthopedic or neurologic surgery, to aid in weight loss, or for athletic conditioning.



Therapeutic Laser

Laser energy is absorbed by the individual cells stimulating them to produce proteins necessary for tissue repair as well as endorphins that help in pain relief. Laser therapy is highly recommended for surgical sites and injury locations.  Conditions and injuries that can benefit from therapeutic laser treatment include arthritis, soft tisssue injury, trigger points, degenerative myelopathy and for post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation. 


Range of Motion Exercises 

Stretching and corrective movements are used to enhance mobility and promote joint health.  Conditions and injuries that can benefit from range of motion exercises include muscle contracture, fibrotic myopathy, neurological problems, generalized pain syndromes and for retraining cats and dogs with decreased mobility.




Gentle soft tissue manipulation is used to relax muscles and offer pain relief.  Conditions and injuries that can benefit from massage therapy include generalized weakness, muscle atony and for post-surgical or post-athletic eventing recovery. 



Proprioceptive exercises can be fun!

Strengthening and Proprioceptive Exercises  

These are exercises performed in the clinic that help strengthen muscles as well as improve the patient's spatial awareness. Exercises utilizing the physioball and wobble board are often employed with a variety of orthopedic and neurologic conditions. Strengthening and proprioceptive exercises are useful in cases where the animal needs to be retrained to walk, for downer dogs and for any condition where decreased stamina is an issue.




Home Exercise Programs 

Tailored to each individual pet's needs, this may include massage, range of motion exercises and thermo (hot and cold) therapy that the client can do at home.  Assuming they are amenable to a hands-on approach to rehab with their owner, dogs with almost every condition can benefit from these individualized programs.


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