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Saturday, 21 March 2015 08:29

We have sad news to announce, 

Donnie, featured on our success stories, has sadly passed away.  On his first day with us back in September 2009, he warmed our hearts with a giant smile and optomistic outlook in life.  Even though he never regained use of his rear legs, he never let that slow him down one bit!  He was an inspiration to all our FCE or back injury patients, showing them it doesn't matter how many legs one has to have a good quality of life.  Staying at Healing Paws on a daily basis, he worked his way into everyones hearts by greating them with a friendly bark when they came in our back entrance.

Donnie's parents are also an inspiration.  For almost 6 years, they had dedicated their lives to taking care of Donnie.  They took Donnie on hikes and road trips and let him live his life to his fullest potential!  

It is never easy losing a patient as we regard them as part of our Healing Paws' family.  Donnie will always hold a special place in our hearts and we will miss him dearly every day.



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