Rhode Island's first and only 
full-service veterinary rehabilitation center.

At Healing Paws, we're dedicated to giving all our animal patients 
a second chance at a healthy and happy life with their human families.

 Founded by Dr. Jeff Corey, DVM, Healing Paws is Rhode Island's first and only comprehensive rehabilitation center with a veterinarian on staff.  Dr. Corey and his skilled staff have been healing patients from all over southern New England since 2005 through innovative treatments based on established medical principles, including acupuncture, laser therapy, hydro-therapy and massage - all within a friendly and soothing environment.


Why Rehab?

No longer just the family pet, dogs and cats have become full-fledged furry family members and it's expected that they should have access to many of the same medical treatments as people do.  Indeed, rehabilitative treatments do have as profound an effect on our four-legged friends as they do on us.  "Unfortunately though," says Dr. Corey, "it seems like there are still a lot of people who either don't know that rehab is an option for their pets, or they don't understand how truly transformative it can be."

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Why Healing Paws?

Not all pet therapists and animal rehabbers are veterinarians.  According to the American Association of Rehabilitative Veterinarians (AARV), having a veterinarian directly involved in an animal's rehab program means not only a greater knowledge of the animal's physiology, but the ability to pick up on underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to the need for rehabilitation.  Healing Paws is the only veterinary rehabilitation center in Rhode Island with a veterinarian on staff.

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Best Animal Massage Therapist, 2010-2014
Best Pet Acupuncturist, 2010-2011
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